About Us

My Collection Vault was developed to help everyone interested in Buying, Selling, and Trading collectibles. This website has taken a new spin on generating revenue for its buyers and sellers. We have developed a site popularity tracking system that ties in an innovative profit sharing system. Members of the site can generate revenue In 7 ways!

#1 Buyers can take advantage of browsing thousands of great collectibles and negotiate pricing on collectibles that other members are eager to sell or trade.

#2 Buyers can make a purchase and immediately relist the Item, allowing them to turn around and market their new Collectible and Sell it for a profit.

#3 Buyers can make offers to buy an Item in someones vault, The offer can even contain a dollar value and or one or more of their own collectibles as part of the trade deal.

#4 Members that have collectibles within their vault can watch the value of their collectible over a period of time and decide when to buy and sell the item for a profit or loss.

#5 Members that have collectibles within their vault will earn collectible popularity points each day. This popularity will earn the owners of that item a share of the revenue generated from sales for the entire site. So just by having collectibles in your vault and not collecting dust you can generate revenue. Great thing is payouts are calculated daily!

#6 Sell your collectibles without the headaches of listing the Item. My collection vault is a one stop shop that does all the work for you. You submit your collectible for review. If it meets the vault criteria all you will have to do is ship it in. My collection vault does the rest. Your Collectible is in good hands. Mycollectionvault.com takes detailed pictures of your collectible. Researches the item and writes up a concise description. Mycollectionvault.com Appraises your collectibles condition and gives it an initial value. This value is a baseline for other members to make offers from. Once done the Item is then listed in your online vault. All you have to do from that point is go in and adjust your buy it now price. Once you have placed a buy it now price it will be open to the public to view, qualifying that collectible for the profit share pool.

#7 Make additional cash from completing bonus tasks like. Collectible reviews Taking polls about collectibles that are in members Vaults Buy and Own a “Vault Original Collectible” List an "in demand collectible” see the In Demand Section for details. Complete one facebook posting per week of one or your collectibles to earn.

Imagine all the old collectibles you have stored in closets or in your Garage that are collecting dust or getting ruined from lack of attention. Now you have the opportunity to show off your collection even if it never sells for what you are asking for it and make some money from its online presence.