Oscar Goodman Bobble-Heads

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Mayor Oscar Goodman Bobble Head

Limited Edition Double Bobble Head.

Issued a Few Seasons Ago by the Las Vegas 51's Baseball Club at Cashman Field in Las Vegas.

Mayor Oscar Goodman is considered to be the most popular politician in Nevada history.
He won his 3rd and final term as Las Vegas' with over 85% of the popular vote and he
assuredly would have been elected to a fourth term if the laws had allowed it. Instead,
Oscar threw his hugely important support to a political newcomer,
his wife Carolyn, and she is now the Mayor of Las Vegas. He is rarely seen alone at
charity functions, parades or celebrations, bringing along a showgirl (or two) from the
Burlesque show JUBILEE! is much more Oscar's over-the-top style. A former mob lawyer,
he is now an ambassador for tourism, Las Vegas' top revenue earner and the gaming
industry's best friend. He is pictured with a Showgirl/ Dancer from JUBILEE! which
is performed nightly at Bally's Hotel & Casino, and is the oldest, continuous-running
show on the Las Vegas Strip.       
Limited Edition Double Bobble Head.

Size: 7 inches tall 4 inches Wide